I know I already that I wrote a blog post about my show's format, but now I have another problem. Among the shorts (that are about the same length of the episodes, but have a self-contained story, rather than an over-arching plot),two shorts serve as subseries; usually carried on by only the titular character. Elise: Fairies Uncensored; where Sadee shows Elise's life on the campus of Abicia: School of Magic. The other subseries is Morgayn's Mermaid Mythology Corner; where Morgayn educates the watcher on mermaid history, politics and culture. I never worried about this before, but then I looked at the scripts, MMMC (I abbreviated because I'm lazy, and a slow typist) is more Morgayn talking about mermaid mythology, and an overview of interesting legends that a dramatic show. So would the episodes fall under the Mystery Magic Episode List Page or the Shows about mermaids page? Curious to see what you all think.