I've been listening to Florence + the Machine songs a lot lately, and gosh, I feel like crying from all the nostalgia she brings me. Secret Life of a Mermaid introduced me to her music , and I swear, when I close my eyes while listening to Swimming, I'm back on the old carpeted floor of my bedroom all those years ago, watching the newest ep of SLM, squealing when it's over and telling my mom everything that happened in the episode, of Blaire and her squirrels, Brenna's power-led rampages, Tess's drama, Amy's conversation with stuffed animals, Kelsey's love for school. I go back in time to when I tried to make my own intro to 'Swimming' before I even started an actual show, filmed with a laptop webcam that was  pretty much the quality of what would happen if you attempted filming with a waffle,or at best, a calculator. I remember wrapping my legs with fabric scraps, the joy that my first real tail, made by my Grandma, brought me, I go back in time to showing off my homemade monofin (which was not very functional) to my schoolmates, telling them how I made it with some old socks, cardboard, and a ridiculous amount of duct tape.  Gosh, I know I've been talking about nostalgia a lot lately, but getting older sucks. And I'm not ready for it.

I think I might make a video my first ever show and post it on my YouTube soon. It was more of a movie than anything else, consisting of 4 parts, one of which is missing, and the last never completed. It was really cruddy, but at least original, and.... I think it might help me, ya know? Help get this sad "I wish I could go back" feeling out of my head and heart.

So, I know this is random.... but I just felt like mentioning it.

See ya soon!