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Secret Life of a Mermaid is a mermaid show posted on the channel teenie989. It has over 90,000 subscribers, making it the most popular mermaid show on YouTube, and the inspiration for countless others.


A girl named Amy is swimming in the ocean when a storm comes out of nowhere. She then sees a cave and wonders if she could take shelter there. Then a waterfall splashes on Amy. The next day, Amy spills water on herself and sees she has become a mermaid. She is followed by Brenna, then Kelsey, and the trio struggle with their powers, their new vulnerability to water, and their rocky friendship. In Season 4, Amy's older sister Tess becomes determined to expose the mermaid trio, so they must do their best to avoid any contact with water.


Christine Davis (teenie989) as Amy Samuels

Claire Mackenzie Daxon as Brenna Edwards

Emma Dunne as Kelsey Cork

Tessa Hartmann as Blaire Harris

Bridget Davis as Tess Samuels

Bridget Davis as Terra


The tails were homemade by Tess's actress, Bridget. On July 28, 2010, the "movie" Germany Journey was released on the creators' channel, though the second part was temporarily blocked due to copyright claims from EMI Music. On a news release in early 2010, Christine announced that the show would have 8 seasons, though Bridget will be going off to college in 2014, making this less certain.

The show gained its own Cafe Press shop, and from October 4 to November 2, 2012, the creators hosted a T-shirt design contest to celebrate 20,000 subscribers. The channel was hacked in February of 2013, and the creators locked out of their account, but they regained control in early April, and the series continued. It soon reached 50,000 subscribers, which the creators celebrated with a theme song contest. Christine, Amy`s actress, announced that she was moving to Atlanta in the sixth episode of season five, then the show ended in the next episode.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Flip Flop
  2. Heat Wave
  3. Freezer Burn
  4. Tidal Wave
  5. Breathless
  6. Fishy Trouble
  7. Sea Sick
  8. Double Trouble (finale)

Season 2Edit

  1. Fish out of Water
  2. Tail-or-Treat
  3. Whirl Pool
  4. Blue Moon
  5. Wet Christmas
  6. Power Hour
  7. High Tide
  8. Finale, Part 1
  9. Finale, Part 2

Season 3Edit

  • A SLM Movie ~ Germany Journey
  1. New Waters
  2. Practice Makes Perfect
  3. Splash of Knowledge
  4. Birthday Splash
  5. Scarce Scales
  6. Answers Found
  7. Wild Fire
  8. Finale, Part 1
  9. Finale, Part 2

Season 4Edit

  1. Hooked
  2. Briny Dilemma
  3. Cabin Fever
  4. In Deep Water
  5. Fire & Ice
  6. In The Wake
  7. The Siren's Song
  8. Finale, Part 1
  9. Finale, Part 2

Season 5Edit

  1. Landslide
  2. Splashin' Around the Christmas Tree
  3. Man Overboard
  4. The Lonely Islander
  5. Red Tide
  6. Changing Currents
  7. The End

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