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Mermaid Miracles was an award-winning mermaid series hosted on the channel of the same name, which was deleted in its third season.


Maya is an ordinary girl, until one day she finds a strange letter on the beach, which tells her she is now anything but normal--a mermaid. Along with her new tail she makes new friends and new enemies as she learns more about the new, magical world she's been thrust into.

Cast & CrewEdit

Main Cast-Edit

Maya - Maya Tritt

Mama Mermaid - Inga Tritt

Ashley - Ashley Hannon

Chad - Chad Rush

The Oracle - Abby

Kias - Kias Porter

Travis - Travis Livingstone

Ricky - James Clooney

Thelxi - Ronnesha Nunez

Agala - Rochelle Nunez

PC - Angela Lima

Farah - Jasina Stanko

Other Siren - Greer Gamble

Guest StarsEdit

Amara - Amara Pariss

Brolin - Brolin Pariss

Roxy - Hannah Bulosan

Hawaiian Mama Mermaid - Donah

Face in the Fire (Alchemist) - Greggory Tritt

Chloe - Chloe Hightower

Current Crew Edit

Director/Editor - Vicente Cordero

Assistant Director - Shanti Whitney

Producers - David Vartibedian, David Friend, Inga Tritt

Writers - Maya Tritt

Hair and Makeup - Inga Tritt

Cinematographer - Justin Koenen

First A/C - Taylor Salan

Production Assistant - Travis Livingstone

Music Production - Lenny "step" Bunn

First Season Crew Edit

Director - Brett Mazurek

Assistant Director - Aline

Producer - David

Writers - Maya Tritt and Sam Salo

Effects & Makeup - M & B Tails and More

Photography - Courtney Allen

Applynix Website Solutions - Scott M


The show began as a class project for homeschooler Maya Tritt, but blossomed into one of, if not the, most popular mermaid series in existence, and certainly gained its fanbase the most quickly. The tails used in the show were obtained from M & B Tails and More, which also provided several tails for their first contest. Along with storytelling, the show's creators hope to promote environmental awareness and sustainability. In a 2013 Puerto Rico visit, Maya Tritt was received at the Isla Verde Beach by the Happy Kids Homeschool Group, the largest group in the Caribbean. There she gave autographs and pictures, and was honored with the Happy Home-school Best web-series award.

Early in 2014, a new crew was assembled to turn the show from a fun and quirky home-schooling project into a professionally made show. This team consisted of a mix from Industrialism Films (owned by the Director- Vicente Cordero), and Sparkplug Photography (owned by Special Effects Artist- Travis Livingstone). After a nearly six-month gap in filming, season two was greeted eagerly by the fans. Around this time the creators ran an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the second season, reaching $624 before it closed.

Episode 4 of Season 2 was delayed due to copyright issues with the music they chose, but it was soon restored for viewing. Another contest opened; once the sixth episode of season two got 100,000 views, anyone who had subscribed, shared and done the same to Fin Fun Mermaids' YouTube channel could win a tail.

In October of 2015, on the Mermaid Miracles Instagram page, it was announced that the show was over. There may have also been a video, as shown in the series' Twitter feed, but it is currently unavailable. According to a poster on MerNetwork who claimed to be related to a cast member, the Tritts had gotten a divorce, and the emotional and financial problems that ensued meant the show had to end. It was deleted from YouTube some time later.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. And This is Where My Story Begins
  2. True Self
  3. Shiny Things
  4. The Golden Rules
  5. The Chase
  6. Mermaid Party
  7. I Dream of Mermaids
  8. The Siren's Song
  9. Sirens vs. Mermaids
  10. Freak Outs and Fairies
  11. Real Magic
  12. Follow Your Heart

Season 2Edit

  1. Heart's Desire
  2. Defiant Siren
  3. The Tempest
  4. Pool Party
  5. Mother Ocean
  6. Goat in the Boat
  7. Truth or Dare
  8. Forgive and Forget
  9. Wait A Minute
  10. Wizard Pants
  11. The Dark Realm

Season 3Edit

  1. Watching You
  2. We'll Show You
  3. Episode 3

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