Izroul: The Lost Children is a mermaid show from the creators of the previous failed attempt, Deep Sea Mermaids.


Long ago, all magic kind lived in harmony, that was until disaster stuck their world. Very few mermaids are left in their world after it being overthrown by a phoenix, Tessa and Hailey are the only mermaids left that are not in hiding. But it all goes downhill when they find the phoenix leader is capturing and torturing hybrids (beings that are half one creature, half another). They are banished to the human world and are told never to return. But they will return, to set all the hybrids free, its only a matter of time.

Cast & CrewEdit

Audrey as Tessa Amane

Sarah as Hailey Trancy

??? as Hestia

??? as Jin Woo

More unknown cast to come

Filmed by Audrey and Sarah

Directed and Edited by Audrey


There have been multiple attempts to make this series casts have changed, cameras and tails have too, but they always seem to come back. Audrey (the creator of the show) has had multiple attempts to keep it ongoing for some time now, but finally having an available cast and the proper equipment, they have finally managed to get it running again. The tails are from fin fun and the two tails, and it has been stated that there will be more than just mermaids in the show. The girls have since become big anime and kpop fans, resulting in lots of anime and kpop related jokes and songs being used in the reboot.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Banished ... Coming soon

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